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Red Rice benefits you must know for a healthy mind and body

Red Rice is a variety of rice that is muddy red in colour and has innumerable health benefits.Usually eaten with the outer red bran layer, it gets its characteristic red colour from a natural pigment called anthocyanin. Ranking high in the organic products list, red rice has been around for decades in Southeast Asian countries as well as parts of Africa. The popular varieties include Bhutanese red rice, West African red rice, Thai red rice, and the indigenous Kerala Matta rice.

At JIWA, we process and package the finest Organic red rice from local farmers using sustainable best practices only.

Red Rice Nutritional Value

​​In rice varieties that are eaten with the outer hull, Red rice nutritional value tops the list. It is loaded with antioxidants and nutrients like zinc, calcium, iron etc. that help to keep the body healthy and strong.

In the Indian medicine concept of Ayurveda- Red rice is called Rakthashali and is praised for its ability to calm all the three “doshas” or ailment roots of vaata, pitta and kapha.

This table gives the distribution of nutrients in each 100 g serving of red rice.

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Health Benefits of Red Rice

The anthocyanin that gives red rice its characteristic colour is also a powerhouse of antioxidants, and provides abundant health benefits. With fitness and health consciousness on the rise, the goodness from eating red rice is also important to know.

Red rice benefits range from organ health to skin and more. Some of them are-

Controls Blood Sugar Glucose

Rice remains a forbidden food for diabetics. But, red rice is known to have a glycemic index of approximately 55, which makes it a good choice for diabetics.

High sugar levels impact all major organs adversely and can lead to many health complications. Red rice benefits for diabetes also include lower insulin levels and feeling satiated for longer intervals.

Better Bone health

Red rice benefits those battling the onset of arthritis, osteoporosis and other bone disorders with its high calcium and magnesium content.

Weight Loss trigger

The common notion is to cut down on rice if you are trying to lose some pounds. But that holds true only for the polished white varieties. Adding red rice to your meals keeps you satiated for longer,thus lowering hunger pangs. It is low on carbs and fat and can be a great lunch and dinner companion.

Better digestion

Soluble and insoluble fibre add to the great health benefits of red rice as they aid better digestion. The digestive fibres ensure better bowel movement and absorption of nutrients. Plus, when cooked well, red rice can be used to treat both diarrhoea and constipation.

Stay younger for longer

Anthocyanin present in red rice is a natural antioxidant that can prevent premature ageing of the skin and keep you looking younger for longer. With its iron and vitamins, red rice benefits in reducing the effects of UV induced skin problems from exposure to sun rays. These also help in the production of red blood cells in the body that are essential for good skin health.

Promotes a healthy heart

Red rice is a whole grain that is believed to bring down the bad cholesterol in the body.This prevents clogged arteries and resultant heart ailments that could prove fatal.

Better lung health

With the Corona pandemic, the importance of lung health has increased manifold. Those with chronic asthma or a history of pneumonia continue to be in the high risk category even now. The health benefits of red rice lend a helping hand in increasing oxygen consumption because of the presence of magnesium. This improves breathing capacity and circulation of oxygen throughout the body. Being magnesium-rich, red rice benefits great pulmonary function and boosts general mood & energy too.

Immunity Booster

Red rice contains selenium which fights infections in the body and antioxidants and magnesium that prevent and cure various ailments.

Vitamin B6 rich

Vitamin B6 is crucial in DNA synthesis and to make red blood cells. The human body cannot make this vitamin on its own, and thus depends on external sources for it. The red rice nutritional value chart shows a considerable presence of B6 among other vitamins, and can help prevent chronic illnesses with regular consumption.

Red Rice Uses

With all the benefits of eating red rice, it is surely a great addition to everyday meals. A great alternative to brown and white rice or even wheat, red rice uses range from breakfast porridge to biryani, and even a dinner risotto.

While Red rice, also called Matta rice, is fibre and nutrition-dense, it also takes more time to cook than white rice because of its outer bran layer. Cooking also takes away most of its natural red pigment, but the benefits of cooked red rice remain the same.

Being native to Kerala, it is commonly added to dosa and Idli batter to make it better- both in terms of nutrition as well as taste. A whole grain that can be eaten daily in every meal, the advantages of red rice transcend barriers of cuisine and meal times- thus making it a staple option for the kitchen.

Red rice has a nutty aroma and taste that pairs well with lamb and other meat curries, as well as a Kerala vegetable stew. As an accompaniment to spicy red Thai curry, or a Burmese khowsuey- the health benefits of red rice take a different high as does the taste profile.

Want to make it more interesting? Use cooked red rice as a low carb salad base, or use the earthiness of this rice in a bowl of warm risotto. Desserts like kheer or payasam can be great uses of red rice for weight loss and wholesome nutrition.

So just treat the cooked red rice as a blank canvas to take your art of cooking up many notches and realise the red rice nutritional benefits too!

Be sure to try this Thai Basil Rice recipe from the Jiwa cookbook to start.

The Right Choice

Having talked about the huge benefits of Red rice, it is important to buy it well. There are umpteen brands and varieties to choose from in today’s digital world. So, it pays to know the distinction well and buy smart.

Polished and excessively processed grains lose their nutritional value, and in such cases you are only paying for what the marketing or sales team is worth instead of the real grain.

At JIWA, we make sure each grain is procured from the grassroot level, and purely organic source. The processing is minimal and the selection is thorough. The resultant packet of JIWA Organic Red Rice that you buy is value for money and worth its weight in gold. The red rice nutritional value is intact as are the health benefits.

When you have the power of choice- exercise it on only the best!



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    Good informationIt is important to look at the characteristics of this grain before discussing the advantages of red rice for health. The generation of energy that helps support the body’s capabilities depends on phosphorus.
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