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      buy quinoa khakra online-jiwa organic quinoa
      Quinoa Khakra
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      organic flax seeds-jiwa
      Flax Seed Mukhwas
      organic flax seeds-jiwa nutrition chart
      Flax Seed Mukhwas
      organic flax seeds-jiwa organic
      organic flax seeds-jiwa is purely covered with glass product
      organic flax seeds-jiwa
      Flax Seed Mukhwas
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      buy granola online-jiwa organic oats
      Oven Baked Granola (Dark Chocolate Crunch)
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      buy granola online-jiwa nutrition chart
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      buy granola online-jiwa organic oats
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      Buy Healthy Snacks Online in India

      Looking for the perfect in-between meal snack to munch on without feeling guilty? JIWA’s range of select organic and nutritious snacks is your perfect choice.

      We believe in ‘Jaisa ann, waisa mann’- you are what you eat. And our snackible offering will give you just the perfect addition to your daily meal plans.

      We offer easily accessible, delicious and versatile snacks that are sure to reflect well on your health.

      Why you should choose Jiwa’s snackibles?

      ✔ Provides your body a boost of energy for several hours between meals.
      ✔ Curbs your appetite and keep hunger pangs in check to prevent unnecessary calorie intake.
      ✔ Satiates the body with good dietary fibre.
      ✔ Offers a healthy, wholesome and unique snacking experience.
      ✔ Free from unwanted chemicals and preservatives.

      You don't have to give up on taste, as our snacks are delectable, yummy and offer wholesome nutrition in every bite.

      With the Jiwa range of organic, gluten-free and nutritious superfoods, we hope to inspire a healthy lifestyle well nourished with the right food. All our raw material is responsibly sourced and created using the most trusted ingredients. Each ingredient goes through a variety of thorough quality checks before the final product reaches you- safe and sustainable.

      With the wide array of snacks, be sure to explore our selection of healthy attas, millet flours, oats, gluten-free products, salad essentials, grain-free flours and other chef's solutions.

      If you're looking to create some healthy recipes with our flours, take a look at our cookbook and whip up some easy-to-cook delicious and healthy meals every day. We also have a Wholesellers club that offers direct supply to big or small retail shops, Exporters, Catering companies, the Horeca supply chain, and any other businesses. Enrol in this club to be able to interact with us directly from the website. No enrolment or membership is required & the process is simple and smooth. You can also avail of our various other benefits such as GST billing, Quantity & Amount based deep discounts and free shipping to benefit all business sizes and structures.  

      So go ahead and order some healthy snacks online for your friends and family with the JIWA advantage!


      1. Are JIWA snackibles healthy for everyday consumption?
      Yes, all of Jiwa's snackibles are healthy for everyday consumption as they are made with quality ingredients and without any additives or chemicals.

      2. Are there gluten-free options in JIWA snackible?
      Yes, we do have gluten free options in our snack range, but not all are gluten-free. To learn more, check the descriptions of individual products.

      3. Are your snacks good for weight loss?
      Snacking on Jiwa's healthy products can help prevent unnecessary calorie intake between meals, and also gives the required dose of vitamins, fibre, and proteins.

      4. What is the shelf life of JIWA snackible products?
      The average shelf life of JIWA's snackible products is 6 months from the date of manufacturing. It can be stored conventionally in tin boxes away from heat and moisture.

      5. Can Jiwa snackibles be express delivered?
      We don't like keeping our customers waiting for long. Hence, all of our orders are shipped within 24 business hours from the latest production batch. For more information, please check out our shipping policy.