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      4 products

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      Cold Pressed Almond Flour
      Cold Pressed Almond Flour
      Cold Pressed Almond Flour
      buy almond flour-make a delicious powder in almond seed in jiwa
      buy almond flour-make a recipes with almond hot chocolate-jiwa
      Cold Pressed Almond Flour
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      raw banana flour-jiwa organic flour
      Raw Banana Flour
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      Cold Pressed Low Carb Flour
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      Cold Pressed Coconut Flour
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      Buy Grain-Free Flour online

      At Jiwa, we strive to create a connection between good food and healthy life. Our grain-free flours are made with minimal processing and are great for a nutritional boost for your well being.

      The key features of our grain free flours are;

      ✔100% organic
      ✔Rich in fibre and protein
      ✔Gluten-free, Keto-friendly and Paleo-friendly
      ✔No added preservatives or fillers.

      Locally sourced from our farmer friends, all of Jiwa’s products are checked on various parameters and to give you the best value, they are thoroughly cleaned and then undergo minimal processing. This helps maintain the freshness and nutritive value of the produce. Our flours are ground with traditional methods using stone chakkis at slow speed and cool temperature to seal in the goodness of the grain.

      We manage our packaging in-house at our state-of-the-art, family-owned manufacturing plant in Khopoli, Maharashtra.

      For those who love everything homemade, our cookbook and grain free flours will make sure you never have a dull day in the kitchen. Each of Jiwa’s carefully selected products is prefect for homes where eating healthy is part of daily lifestyle.

      Step ahead and check out the entire range of Jiwa products like-

      ✔millet flours,
      ✔salad essentials,
      ✔gluten-free products,
      ✔healthy attas,
      ✔organic staples,
      ✔snackibles and
      ✔chef’s solutions.

      With our Wholesellers club, the smallest retail store to the largest retail store can reap multiple benefits. This club is highly beneficial for each reseller as it doesn’t include any middlemen. All you need to do is sign up and we will ensure that you receive the freshest product from us. You can avail some great benefits such as free shipping, GST billing, amount-based discounts and quantity-based discounts too.


      1. What is grain-free flour?
      Grain-free flour is made from natural ingredients such as raw bananas, almonds etc. and can be used to make a variety of recipes from everyday bhakri, to bakes. These flours are highly adaptive and can be used to create muffins, bread, cookies, and Indian sweets with equal goodness. Unlike regular flour, grain-free flour is high in minerals and fibre and low in starch.

      2. Can raw grain-free flour be used for smoothies?
      Absolutely- we recommend using our Grain-free flours in all kinds of smoothies. This product is perfect for soups and curries too.

      3. Can regular flour be substituted with grain-free flour in baking recipes?
      Yes. for most recipes our grain free flours can be used as a 1:1 replacement for regular baking flour. For intricate recipes, a trial batch is best and you can swap up to a quarter of the regular flour with our grain-free flour. This helps increase the fibre and nutrition of the baked goods as well.

      4. Can your grain-free flours be used to make rotis easily?
      With no gluten or grains, these nutrient-dense, whole food flours are perfect for creating rotis at home.

      5. Are grain-free flours good for diabetics?
      Yes, diabetics can consume grain-free flours safely. However, while selecting a grain-free flour, it is advisable to select one that is high in fibre and protein and low in carbohydrates so that sudden spikes in blood sugar can be avoided.