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The ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Chia Seeds For Your Skin and Hair

In Mayan language, Chia means ‘strength’. True to their meaning, these tiny seeds pack quite a lot of strength and more.

The first known records of Chia date back to the Aztecs as early as 3500 BC. Considered sacred in ancient times, the warriors credited their stamina to Chia and even used it as sacrifice in religious ceremonies. Aside from this, chia seeds were used in medicine and drinks, ground into flour, and pressed for oil. Because it could be stored for long periods of time, it was also great to carry along for travel.

But like a lot of other ancient grains, chia was lost in oblivion for a while.

After many years, chia made a comeback in various regions of the world, Mexico being primary amongst them. The Mexican Tarahumara tribe is known for their runners who drink a mixture of chia seeds, lemon, and water called Iskiate. It is believed that they are able to run hundreds of miles after drinking this!

So if history is to be believed, this magical seed is worthy of all that pomp and show it garners. Chia is now grown in many Latin American countries, but its main producer is Australia. Unlike our ancestors, we luckily have easy access to chia and can buy organic chia seeds online.

Chia Seeds In The Kitchen

Chia seeds do not have any characteristic flavour or aroma, and so they are almost like a blank canvas for a food artist. They can be included in a wide range of recipes for texture, mouthfeel and of course, their nutritive value.

Chia seeds form a gel when mixed with liquid and allowed to rest. So, they are a common egg replacer in baking as well as a great thickening agent. They are also great for overnight puddings, or salad toppings, or even with fresh tender coconut water and a generous squeeze of lime!

Chia seeds are high in fibre and omega-3 fatty acids, and nutritionally, they are one of the most-concentrated sources of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), a plant-based omega-3 fatty acid. They are also rich in dietary fibre, protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants. While most other seeds, like flaxseeds, must be ground to release their nutritional benefits, chia seeds are easily digested even when consumed whole.

Because of their fair pricing, they are not likely to burn a hole in your pocket and are a hot favourite amongst organic food products online.

Time To Get Some Chia Seeds Out Of The Kitchen

With all the talk about chia being a ‘superfood’, did you know that the benefits of chia seeds go far beyond being a great addition to your diet? Organic chia seeds carefully selected and packed like those at JIWA contain just the right properties that help you reap the best benefits of chia seeds for skin and hair.

Being extracted from a flowering plant called Salvia Hispanica, these oval-shaped and grey-coloured seeds are easily recognised with their black and white spots and are a great natural source of all things good.

Let us get to know how Chia seeds can be great skin and hair buddies.

Chia Seeds Benefits For Skin

Chia seeds are a nutritional powerhouse and are packed with protein, vitamins E, B1, B2,B3 and a score of healthy fats and minerals as well as antioxidants.

They are also a great source of Omega 3 fatty acids which delay ageing, reduce acne scars and make sure your skin is shining through!

Chia seeds are pressed to extract their oil, which is a popular potion for the skincare industry.

Before we get to the chia seeds benefits for skin, let us make a quick face mask to start.

  • Mix two tablespoons of organic chia seeds with half a cup of coconut oil and a spoonful of lemon juice.
  • Spread the mask on your face and sit back and relax for 10-12 minutes.
  • Massage the gel like layer that will have formed with the chia seeds.
  • After a few minutes of the circular massaging, wash off with lukewarm water.
  • Pat dry and see the exfoliating magic.
This simple chia seed mask shows you the before and after chia seeds benefits for skin by removing dead cells, hydrating, soothing and moisturising your face, and will leave you with healthier skin in just a few minutes.

Fights damage from free radicals

The high levels of antioxidants in chia seeds help fight free radical damage caused by exposure to UV rays. This helps to reduce signs of ageing, like fine lines and wrinkles.

Soothes inflammation

Skin issues are largely a result of some form of inflammation. The cooling properties of chia seeds help soothe inflammation, calm the skin and keep it radiant and happy.

Improved barrier against Sunrays

External triggers like UV rays and dust particles create issues like acne and pigmentation on the skin. Chia seeds provide a strong barrier with their Omega-3 fatty acids to keep skin out of harm’s way.


Chia seeds benefits for skin also include the awesome hydration they can provide with their water holding capacity. Optimal hydration is the mantra for maintaining good skin health, and chia seeds are a great help here.

Shine and glow

Because they are rich in vitamins A & C, and iron and potassium, the benefits of eating chia seeds for skin range from boosting skin elasticity to making it luminous and healthy inside out.

Chia Seeds Benefits For Hair

The fantastic nutritional composition of chia seeds makes them an excellent natural remedy for many hair health issues. From repairing damaged hair, to improving scalp health, and fighting greying issues, the benefits of chia seeds for hair growth are sure to keep those tresses happy and dancing!

Improving hair strength

Chia seeds are rich in I-lysine protein and phosphorus amongst other vitamins and minerals. These are known to fortify hair fibres and provide strength to the roots and follicles so that breakage is minimised.

The presence of copper in chia also adds to the strengthening benefits of chia seeds for hair.

Boost hair growth

Chia seeds are bursting with essential amino acids and they do some great work from inside the scalp.They inhibit hair fall and give a boost to new hair growth. They also help fight inflammation.

Zinc and copper prevent thinning of hair, thus helping hair growth. Zinc also helps fight scalp infections by kicking in the immune response to them.

Improve hair elasticity

Just like the face mask mentioned earlier, the gel like consistency of Chia seeds when soaked adds to its softening characteristics. These can be added to hair masks and home treatments to improve hair elasticity. It is great for turning dull, dry hair to silky and shiny manes by conditioning the hair and making it more pliable.

Soaked chia seeds thus work as a natural conditioner to tame dull and frizzy hair too.

Tired to shiny tresses

The presence of zinc in chia seeds enhances the ability of hair to self protect against damage from external environment, especially UV rays. Zinc is also instrumental in production of new hair cells which are healthier and shinier too.
Chia seeds also contain a protein called keratin that provides a protective blanket cover to your hair.

Inhibit thinning

Copper is an important component in chia that is known to promote blood circulation and flow to the scalp and follicles. This prevents hair thinning and improves the quality of hair over time. Iron is also known to make hair strong and healthy.

Delay greying

Chia seeds benefits for hair include increasing the copper content of your body, thus increasing formation of melanin and this delays the greying of hair. So if dark long tresses rock your boat, chia seeds are a million dollar investment.

Since we now know all the great benefits of chia seeds for hair, it's only natural to want the perfect hair care recipe too. Let’s make this smoothening hair gel.

  • Add 2 cups of chia seeds to ½ cup of water and let this rest overnight.
  • The next morning, heat this for a few minutes, stirring often. 
  • Strain the mixture to separate the seeds. 
  • Add in a tbsp of aloe vera, and a few drops of almond oil.
  • Apply this gel to your scalp and hair and get on with some chores for the next half hour while the chia does its magic.
  • Rinse with water and a mild shampoo.
  • Pat dry for strong, shiny, and happy hair!

Bottom Line

Chia seeds are one of the most nutritious and beneficial food known to us and pack a whole lot of goodness in their tiny selves. A daily intake of about 1 tbsp per day is recommended to reap the benefits of chia seeds for skin and hair.

Chia seeds are great for the gut, heart, mental health, immunity building and so much more. But more than anything else, they weave magic in hair and skin with their countless nutrients.

An excellent natural remedy for all your skin and hair woes, they also help boost your confidence as a byproduct of shiny hair and skin!


  • Deborah


  • Hospital Hub

    Chia seeds are truly remarkable! Originating from Central America, these tiny powerhouses are packed with healthy ingredients like omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, and antioxidants. What’s even more impressive is their versatility – they can be incorporated into a wide range of dishes, from smoothie bowls and salads to baked goods and puddings. Including chia seeds in your diet adds a nutritious boost and helps promote overall health. Cheers to these amazing seeds and their contribution to a balanced and wholesome lifestyle!

  • Paula

    I am 68 years old and have been drinking chia smoothies (2 tbsp chia, half cup orange or pineapple juice, one cup strawberry or plain kefir) three to four days week for 3 years now. My hair and skin are very healthy, a little silver in my hair. My bone density test shows my bones are like 40 year old, my heart health is also decades younger!

  • Beverly

    I’ve been adding 1 tablespoon to 40 ounces of water every day for the last several months… It does take a second to get used to but now I don’t enjoy water as much without it. My hair is super soft.

  • rmv kosmoderma

    “Your blog has inspired me to take a proactive approach to managing my hair fall, rather than simply accepting it as inevitable. The practical tips and personalized recommendations have given me confidence in my ability to address this issue effectively. I’m excited to embark on this journey toward healthier, stronger hair!”. For more info visit our official website or contact us @ +91 829 677 0733

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