Jiwa means the connection between food, health and life.

We follow a simple saying 'jaisa ann waisa mann' (you are what you eat).

OUR PROMISE ‘To inspire a healthy lifestyle through natural & nutritious food’

Most food products today contain artificial chemicals, flavours, colours, enhancers, emulsifiers, improvers and preservatives.

But not Jiwa.

Everything about Jiwa is Natural.

Our foods are responsibly sourced and created from the ground up, using real and natural ingredients. Every morning, our ingredients are supplied by our farmer-friends, who we pick personally, so that the quality of our foods is never affected.

We've also ingeniously enriched our foods with probiotics and are proud to be the first ones to do so.

Honestly, we're just all about food that's natural, wholesome and nutritious.

Get to know us better. You might just start living and breathing healthy food. Much like we do.

Raghav Gupta

The Ideator

Raghav Gupta

The man behind the conception of Jiwa, Raghav is as passionate about eating good, tasty food as he is about eating it to stay healthy. In fact, this love for connecting with natural, wholesome food is what drove him to come up with the concept for Jiwa.

When living in Boston and subsequently in Spain, Raghav would bike the streets and explore local eateries, corner-side cafes, mom-and-pop food stores and boutique health shops. A true lover of everything from coffee to wine, he always managed to spark conversations with shop owners and make his way into their kitchens. When in college, Raghav would devote time to 'Lovin' Spoonfuls', a Boston based non-profit that recycles discarded perishable food and supplies them to food rescues, shelter homes and community kitchens.

Today, Raghav and his kitchen team make high quality, health and nutrition focused food products from the ground up using traditional techniques, local produce and carefully sourced ingredients like rare nutritious millets, dehydrated vegetables and other superfoods.

Raghav holds an MBA degree from Babson College, USA. His work experience lies in the area of food manufacturing, primarily flour milling. He has also worked with biscuits, breads and the manufacture of other bakery related products. Some of the country's major food companies are clients for Raghav's wheat-based products.

The Recipe Geniuses

Dr. Haridas Rao: Phd in Roti Making

Late Dr. Venkata Rao: Phd in Nutrition Studies

Dhvani Shah: PG (Dietetics)

Our recipe team really knows their stuff. Be it nutritional logic, the way different foods interact with each other or the way they taste when combined. Simply put, we believe our recipes are designed by the best in the business. We think you'll feel the same way once you get a taste of Jiwa.

The Dehydration Expert

Mr Atul Mardikar

Special ingredient formats require special attention. That's where Atul Mardikar comes in. With over 20 years of experience, he makes sure our vegetables retain all of their natural goodness when dehydrated.

The Master Miller

Mr Pankaj Moona

Milling flour into atta is not a simple process. It has to be quality tested, cleaned, conditioned and then milled. But when someone, like Pankaj Moona, has been doing it for 20 years, we know we can leave it to his very capable and experienced hands.

The Quality Testers

Mr. Hariram

Mr. Ishwar

Because we want to give you the best quality atta, our academically qualified technicians, Hariram and Ishwar put our flour through rigorous tests based on parameters such as moisture %, ash content, protein %, acid Insoluble ash, acidity, granularity and sedimentation value.

Our Circle of Trust

To give you a special product, we deal with a personally-picked circle of farmers, traders, processors and food grain experts, who we implicitly trust to always deliver responsibly.